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About Us

If you see pictures of ourselves or our dogs on another pomeranian breeder website be advised that we are in no way affiliated with them. It is scam site so you should avoid dealings with them.

Christine began her breeding program in 1970 and since that time has won about 100 Best in Shows on Chriscendo Pomeranians. With a relatively small kennel, usually less that 15 adults and at that time about 6 litters a year, she has been fortunate to breed over 25 all breed Best in Show winners.

John became involved in the showing and breeding of dogs in 1965. His original breed was Pembroke Welsh Corgis of which he bred several Canadian and American Champions as well as the greatest winning Corgi in Canadian history—a record that has only recently been broken. John gave up breeding Corgis to move into a successful handling career from which he has recently retired. Chris and John combine


their knowledge and efforts to breed the Chriscendo Pomeranians. Much of this success has been due to the outstanding producing ability of our foundation sire Can. Am. Bda. Ch. Millamor's Rock Medallion.

Many of his descendants are pictured through the site but a few of the important ones are:

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo City Lights
the sire of over 30 American Champions and several Best in Show winners. City Lights lived with his co-owner Sue Goddard who did so much to promote and further his career.

Can. Am. Bda. Ch. Chriscendo Causin A Commotion
the Top Winning Pomeranian in Canada during his career and was the winner of 15 Best

in Shows. He was owned by Fred & Kay Baxstrome.

Can. Am. Ch. Bells Chriscendo Carmichael
a multiple Best in Show winner in Canada & the U.S. Co-owned with Rex & Betty Bell.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Calvin Klein
a top producer and Best in Show winner. He was co-owned with Eleanor W. Miller.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Coy Coquette
an American Specialty Winner with 12 All Breed Best in Show wins in Canada.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Carlotta, Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Cover Girl, and
Ch. Chriscendo Calendar Girl
are all Best in Show winners.

Can. Am. Bda. Ch. Millamor's Rock Medallion, ROM
Top Winning Pomeranian in 1978 and 1979. Number 10 All Breeds in 1979.

Can. Am. Bda. Ch. Chriscendo Causin A Commotion
Top Winning Pomeranian in 1980 and 1981. Number 6 Toy in 1980.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Coy Coquette
Top Winning Pomeranian in 1982 and Number 5 Toy.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Cause for Applause
Top Winning Pomeranian in 1989.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Classica
Top Winning Pomeranian from 1991 to 1994. The Greatest Winning Pomeranian Bitch in Canadian history with 28 Best in Shows.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Colour Picture
the Greatest Winning Black and Tan Pomeranian, with 10 Best in Shows.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo City Lights, ROMX
Top Pomeranian Sire in the U.S. for two consecutive years.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Cover Girl
wins the 1988 Puppy of the Year competition.

Can. Am. Ch. Chriscendo Call to Arms, ROM
becomes Top Pomeranian Sire in the United States, in 2003. Currently he is the sire of over 40 champions.

Can & Am. Ch. Chriscendo Chunky Monkey, Can & Am. Ch. Chriscendo Career Girl,
Ch. Chriscendo Casting Call, & Can. & Thai Grand Ch. Chriscendo Cat Call
all win all breed Best in Shows in 2005.

In 2007 Am.  Can. Ch Chriscendo Chili Pepper wins Best in Show. Then our exciting puppy Chriscendo Coronita wins a Reserve Best in Show at her very first show at 6 months 2 weeks old, followed by an All Breed Best in Show at 8 months old.

Chriscendo All Breed Best in Show winners

1. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Causin A Commotion

2. Can Am Ch Chriscendo Coy Coquette

3. Ch. Chriscendo Cause For Applause

4 Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Carlotta

5 Can Am Ch Bell's Chriscendo Carmichael

6. Can & Am. Ch. Chriscendo Cover Girl

7 Can & Am Ch. Chriscendo CoCo Chanel

8. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Calvin Klein

9. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Cloudbuster

10 Ch Chriscendo Centre Stage

11. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Classico

12. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Call To Arms ROMS

13. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Chunky Monkey

14. Can & Am. Ch Chriscendo Career Girl

15. Ch. Chriscendo Casting Call

16. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Chili Pepper

17. Ch. Chriscendo Coronita

18. Can & Thai G Ch Chriscendo Catcall

19 Ch. Chriscendo Call Me Romeo

20 Ch. Chriscendo Connexion

21. Ch. Chriscendo Constantine

22 Can & Phil Ch Chriscendo Colorado

23. Ch. Chriscendo Come Dancing

24. Can & Am Ch. Chriscendo Classica

25. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Charisma

26. Can & Am Ch Chriscendo Colour Picture

27. Ch. Chriscendo Cold Case

28. Ch. Chriscendo Cameo Performance

29. Can. Polish Ch Chriscendo Communique

30. Aust. Supreme Grand Ch. Chriscendo Can You Believe

31. Multi Ch. Chriscendo Candid Shot



As well as breeding Pomeranians, Chris has contributed to the breed with her artwork and articles. One of the highlights was doing the artwork for the book The New Pomeranian by Sari Tietjen. Another was updating the club logo for the American Pomeranian Club. She & her husband John, were also involved in the making of the Pomeranian video for the American Kennel Club. She has also made a grooming video for the Pomeranian Club of Canada. Another project was a series of articles entitled A Closer Look, appearing in the Pomeranian Registry and other Pomeranian magazines. Chris is currently involved in her artwork, and devoting time working with the Pomeranian Club of Canada. Chris also has an interest in English Cockers and is often ringside watching this breed.

All of our dogs are participants in the Alopecia X (BSD) genetic reaearch program currently funded by both the American Pomeranian Club’s Pomeranian Trust & the A.K.C.We continue to send samples of each successive generation to aid in this research. We also support statistical pedigree research that may be beneficial in providing more insight into the problem. We believe that it is the responsibility of all breeders to become involved in finding a scientific solution to this problem. We hope that through informed, selective breeding choices we will eventually eliminate the problem from our breed.

To read about our experiences with BSD or Alopecia X click here


Chris with Colt

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